Using Samba for file services, we replaced a Novell Netware file server at the accounting office of a client in 1996, and have not looked back since. That client has been so happy with that machine and its two successors, she has refused to use any other operating system for file services since then.

Around 1998, we acquired a DSL line and built our first web site, placing it on the Linux server. We then added e-mail and database services. Around 2000, we placed our first server on a colocation farm and began hosting web sites for clients. Around this time we began using database services and version control off of our internal file and web servers.

Why Daily Data?

Daily Data began using Linux as something to play with in 1995. We dedicated a computer to a Slackware Linux server and had fun exploring its intricacies before finally realizing that this might be something we could use to help our clients out also.

Daily Data: Computer Solutions for Small Businesses

Finally, in 2005 we were asked by a client to manage a VOIP installation at their offices. While that job did not last very long, we became interested enough in the service we installed it at our offices and currently use it communicate with associates in England and Ukraine. We also began investigating Virtual Servers as a way of merging disparate servers into one physical box, culminating in our current offerings of Virtual Server web sites for clients who require more than a shared hosting solution.

Daily Data's staff and contractors have experience in an exceptional variety of operating systems. As an example, we have experience in the operating systems for the original Apple IIe, CP/M (and CP/M 86), DOS, Windows 3.11 through Vista, Mac OS9 and OSX, VMS, various Unix flavors (HP-UX, Solaris, AIX), all leading to direct experience culminating in the powerful GNU-Linux systems available today. With our collective backgrounds, we understand what needs to be done to integrate with other operating systems, and even the cases where we recommend using them instead of Linux.

No one understands everything about any operating system. But, at Daily Data, we have the knowledge to immedaitely solve most problems, and the experience to find the solutions to the rest. We currently maintain Linux servers using Debian Sarge, Ubuntu Feisty Fawn, Redhat Enterprise Linux 4 and Fedora Core 6. These servers run the gamut from simple file servers to Xen virtual servers running Apache 2, MySQL 4, PHP, Postfix, SVN, Asterisk Now, and Bind. We personally operate Linux workstations running Ubuntu and Kubuntu, though our experience in this area ranges from RedHat 4, Fedora, SuSE, Mandriva and even a short time trying to use Debian as a workstation.

Daily Data. We have what you need for all your Linux needs.

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